Group A: Despite draw against Mexico in second match, Brazil are still leading point table, to progress into knock-out round fixtures. Cameroon are already out of the tournament.

If Croatia draw against Mexico and Brazil loose to Cameroon then also Brazil will qualify for round of 16, even both teams Brazil and Croatia will share same points and same goal deference, but in head-to-head analysis Brazil beat them in first match. A draw will take Mexico into knock-out stage, but if they lose then Croatia will qualify.

Group-B: Qualification is already decided in Group B, with both Netherlands and Chile having won their first two matches, while Australia and world champions Spain remain pointless. Last match between them who will top the group, win will guarantee winner, but if they draw then Dutch side will qualify as winner of the group having better goal difference.

Match between Spain and Australia became ‘dead-match’, while this match will give opportunity for both teams to gain some proud before leaving Brazil. Defending champions will try to win atleast one match in World Cup 2014.

Group-C: A brilliant team-effort by Colombia earned themselves ticket for round of 16 with a spare match. If Ivory Coast wins with +4 goal difference and Colombia loose against Japan, then ‘The Elephants’ will qualify as winner of group. If Asian side beat Colombia and Ivory Coast lose in their last match of group against ‘Piratiko’ (Greek), then Colombia and Japan both will qualify for knock-out stage.

Group-D: ‘Small pack with big surprise’, Costa Rica have qualified for next round from ‘Group of Death’ with +3 goal difference. Italy versus Uruguay match will decide who will be next to qualify from group, whoever win will lead them to next round, but a draw will lead European side to next round having better goal difference than Uruguay.

Like Spain, England will try also to gather some proud in favour before leaving Brazil.

Group-E: Two big wins gave certain berth for France in round of 16, scoring eight goals; their goal difference makes it possible to finish nothing less than as group winner.

Switzerland have opportunity to qualify, as they will meet comparatively easy opponent in their last match, a straight win can lead them to next round. If France loose to Ecuador and then Ottmar Hitzfeld's men will suffer for their heavy 5-2 defeat to France and their poor goal difference.

Group-F: Argentina have qualified already after taking maximum six points from two matches, while Nigeria is almost near to qualify.

If Argentina lose against ‘Super Eagles’ then they will qualify as second, but defeat for Nigeria and win for Iran against Bosnia and Herzegovina will lead the Asian side to next round as second team from group. But a draw in Argentina versus Nigeria will confirm both sides progression to next round.

Group-G: Another tough group of the tournament, chances for everyone still alive, while Germany have better and Portugal have poorer chance. Both Ghana and Portugal will hope Germany to win against USA, if they do then ‘DFB-Elf’ will qualify as winner of the group and it will open a chance for Ghana and Portugal to qualify as second team.

If Ghana and USA finish with same points, then whoever will have better goal-difference will qualify for last-16, but if they have finish with same goal difference then USA will qualify for knock-out stage. A poor goal-difference will be pain for Portugal, to qualify for next they have to finish with +5 goal difference.

Group- H: Belgium needed just two matches to qualify from the group stage of their first World Cup since 2002, and only an unlikely combination of results can deny them top spot.

A draw for Algeria against Russia will open next level of the tournament for themselves, but if Russia win then they will qualify as second team from the group. If South Korea beat Belgium and Algeria make draw against Russia, then Asian side and ‘Fennec Foxes’ will finish with same points, whoever will maintain better goal difference will lead them to qualify for round of 16.

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