It was a tough last season for Manchester United fans. Considering Sir Alex Ferguson retired this was on the cards. But the decision to replace him with David Moyes shocked one and all.

But who could have doubted the great man SAF?

But sacking David Moyes after only 10 months was reason enough for all the MUFC fans to believe that their doubts were correct and that SAF was wrong. But many thought that SAF knew this was coming and so he took retirement.

Also the fact that MUFC invested the £80m received from Cristiano Ronaldo's sale on players like Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia showed they lacked ambition.

Plus MUFC never took any initiative to replace the great Paul Scholes was another nail in the coffin.

Since the time Moyes was sacked and Louis Van Gaal was appointed, Ed Woodward has always maintained that MUFC has funds and that marquee players would come into the team this summer transfer window. That did happen.

MUFC did bring the players like: Rojo, Falcao (on loan) and others. Moreover LVG's wish of having a world class winger (where LVG even mentioned he would love go to have a Di Maria in his team) did come true.

LVG's success with the Netherlands at the FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil and the exceptional off season tour with MUFC, where they won the Guinness International Champions Cup defeating strong European giants like- Inter, Roma, Real Madrid and Liverpool gave new hopes to the fans.

LVG hoped he could start the Premier League in the same way he finished off the tour.

That didn't happen. United slumped to a 2-1 loss to Swansea on the opening day of the Premier league. The fans were hoping fortunes would change in the coming games but that looked a distant dream.

2 straight draws at Sunderland and Burnley gave United just 2 points of their first 3 games. What's worse was the defeat to MK Dons in the 2nd round League Cup tie.

That was as embarrassing as one would have expected. People started doubting LVG's 3-5-2 policy and LVG had to switch to the tried and tested 4-4-2. That did help against QPR but the shocking 5-3 loss away at Leicester has raised questions about LVG's managerial skills.

The big question doing the rounds is whether the players United have brought in would fit into the team. United needed to sign a solid CB but they ended up bringing 3 leftbacks. 2 of them mobile enough to play at CB and CDM respectively.

But none of them are natural CB's. Doubt's always remain regarding Jones fitness. And Van Gaal has already said that for his philosophy to work, he must be given 3 months at least.

So with all the problems persisting in the team, lack of right footed players (Out of the 6 players brought in 5 are left footed) and quality CB's LVG and all the United fans have a long season ahead of them. It'll also be interesting to see whether LVG's philosophy will work. For now it's a mystery and only time will tell!

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