Real Madrid who crowned two most prestigious trophy in last season,Champions League and World Football Championship, suddenly looks like an very ordinary team.

The team is comprised with world best footballers, three of the four most expensive footballers of the world, recent Ballon d'Or owner Ronaldo one of them. This season inclusion of Rodriguez and German star Kroose has enriched the team quality and strength.

Though they have missed veteran Xavi Alonso who flew away for Bayern Munchen and di Maria who has signed with Manchester United with record breaking transfer fee in Old Trafford's history.

It has been a great start for Bernabue team, but their upsetting defeat against Athletic Bilbao pushed them to second place while rivals Barcelona has clinched first place in the LA Liga standings.

In last six matches Real Madrid secured just two wins,one draw and lost two occasions against Athletic Bilabo and Schalke in Champions League.

Though they scraped into the quarter-finals 5-4 on aggregate despite a first home Champions League defeat since April 2011.

Madrid's famous BBC (Benzema,Bale,Cristiano) combination is not in rhythm, Ronaldo who has scored 37 goals in this season already, surprisingly he is not looking dangerous enough in opponent box.

While Bale and Benzema both are out of their best form,as a result counter-attack is not getting enough pace to beat defenders.

A recent slump, injuries becomes major blow for Real Madrid, Rodriguez,Ramos are out of squad, Jesse has joined after long gap, Modric has joined on last match,his inclusion added much more composure and well circulation of the ball in the mid field.

Madrid's latest star, Isco who has been sensetational after getting chance in absence of Bale,but inexperienced sometimes plays big role in his performance, no doubt he is excellent with the ball,but positioning and finishing is not good enough, needs to work on it.

Casillas also left behind his best form, in absence of Ramos,Varane and Pepe are failed to boost confidence, both are suffering for Poor positioning and lack of coordination.

Real Manager Ancellotti has admitted Real's poor performance and he hopes Madrid would bounce back to build wining streak again.

Madrid fans are also dreaming that their famous BBC will be back in form,and will defend Champions League crown as well as top position in La Liga standings.

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